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Pet Odor Removal

At N. F. Carpet Care in San Diego, CA, we're dedicated to removing pet odors and other smells from your home. Whether you're moving into a new home, cleaning out an apartment full of animal smells, or simply ready to reduce the olfactory impact of your pets, our pet odor removal specialists are standing by to help make your home smell cleaner.

There's nothing more frustrating than pet smell. It often seems as though it digs in and won't let go. Whether you're hoping to reduce the impact of potential allergens in the air or simply want a home that smells better, removing pet odors is a great starting point for a home that smells fresh and new. By hiring N.F. Carpet care, you can reduce the time you'll spend scrubbing, decrease your frustration in the process, and enjoy the great benefits of a clean-smelling home sooner.

Our experienced, professional technicians have seen it all. Whether you're struggling with a dog who thinks the living room rug is her personal fire hydrant, a cat who refuses to use a litter box, or a room full of hamsters whose odor has taken over the place, our technicians are prepared to fight those smells and give you back a sweet-smelling home.

Pet Odor RemovalAt N.F. Carpet Care, we utilize safe, superior equipment that is ready to tackle your toughest smells while keeping your carpet looking its best. Our equipment will protect your investment and still get rid of that smell you can't seem to shake on your own.

A customer service-oriented staff is standing by right now to help address your concerns. If you have pet smells that you can't get rid of on your own, contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your home and remove those smells once and for all.

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