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Area Rug & Leather Cleaning

Maintaining your rug will help you keep it for a long time, same goes with leather furniture. One of the ways that you can maintain it is by having it cleaned by a professional. You can call N.F. Carpet Care if it is time to have your area rug and leather surfaces cleaned. We serve people in or around the San Diego, California. Our company gives great service.

Area rug & Leather cleaning will help you protect your investment. The area rug and leather will look a lot better after it is cleaned. Your area rug can easily attract allergens. However, a good cleaning will remove the allergens. It is important to note that these allergens can cause health problems. You can save time and energy by getting your area rug and leather cleaned.


Our technicians are focused on their work. They are highly-skilled and trained. We give our technicians the proper cleaning solutions and tools that they need to do the job. The products can quickly and effectively remove stains from the area rug and leather. The products are safe to use.

We look forward to helping you maintain your rug and leather. Our company is known for giving great service. You can make an appointment with us today.

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